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Visors from Kimbolton school

By Patrick Zachrisson

Great to see the CPAP mask that we sent out to a few hospitals last week is being tested today.

Also on a smaller scale, so happy to see a batch of really nice visors donated by the local Kimbolton School to the local urgent access center, arranged through the local dental committee! Got to love a bit of networking.

Thank you Mr Kevin Spencer, Head of Design technology engineering!

Once the cpap mask is confirmed the 3D PRINTED PARTS - JOINT DENTAL & MEDICAL COVID-19 INITIATIVE will move to phase two.

Next in Phase 2 we will be sending some resin out (thanks to Rick Esgate and Gavin Burrows at Dental Directory) for producers to make the confirmed and tested parts for us and forward to the front line with the masks we’ve bought and modified.

If you want to help out, with funding, help with organising, 3D printing or anything really it’s much appreciated.

Visit to volunteer or donate! If you want to donate direct on Just Giving you can visit here;

Stay Safe, together we can do this !

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