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Cpap mask testing underway- Prof. Adam Nulty

This is one of the masks going to anaesthetists to try out the CPAP circuit! Got a little tweak to do and will be heading there myself on Monday to try a few different versions I’ll make and once confirmed we will be in touch to gather help with anyone with a formlabs or printer that can use form resin to produce the parts for the masks. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Its 100% none for profit with volunteers working at this every day and we want to send thousands more parts, visors and more out to the real heroes.

We're now dealing with four hospitals to test and verify parts and sending out to two dozen others.

If you need help OR if you want to help, whether in production or donation please visit

If you want to donate direct on Just Giving you can visit here;

Stay Safe, together we can do this !

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