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Can you sew scrubs ?

Watford General are in need of 1000 pairs of scrubs for their staff.

Shout out for anyone you know living in Watford who can sew competently!!!!

If anyone would be willing to take on a bulk order of scrubs ( between 5-10 sets). They are all pre-cut out so no pattern needed, they just need people with an OVERLOCKER and a SEWING MACHINE to make them up. The overlocker is essential, as the scrubs need to withstand the industrial washing/use.

They can be dropped to you if youre in Watford and collect from you.

Please only take this on if you’re a speedy sewer and an see the project through to completion.

It would also need to be done ASAP.

+44 7958 085878 contact Sarah

Please contact the number above .☝🏻☝🏻

Thank you!

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